Pure Energy Fitness
1115 Powder Springs St Suite I, Marietta, GA 30064
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​Before attending Pure Energy Fitness I weighed 225 lbs. I joined PEF in the latter part of October 2012. I was having issues with my blood pressure and keeping my stress levels down. I can truly say at the age of 34 I was having symptoms of borderline hypertension because I was overweight. Working out keeps me stress free and at PEF it is such a great atmosphere that you feel like you are part of one big family. Since I started working out and taking the advice of Cynthia Florence I currently weigh 204lbs. My pressure has stabilized tremendously and my eating habits have changed a great deal. A huge part of keeping weight off is eating correctly, something I had no clue of doing until I started at PEF!! Cynthia Florence has the ability to motivate and inspire. With her great leadership and assistance I have dropped from a size 16 to a size 12. It has been a fight and a struggle but I will keep on fighting and push to get to my goal to live a healthier life style. I have more energy; I am not as tired or lazy anymore. I love to exercise and run now. I am happy with myself and appearance more now than before. Lastly, in taking the RIP class, I have seen such change to my body. I have a little butt thanks for all the Squats! :-)

Cherise R.
I began my journey with PEF in October 2012 at 212lbs! Iam all smiles to be able to say as of February 2013 I have dropped 27lbs which puts me at 185lbs. I finally had my first check up since I been working out with Cynthia and was able to get my blood pressure medicine lowered. Working out with Cynthia and all of the other Great ladies at PEF has been great benefit to my life!

Kachina C.
(Marietta, GA)
I enjoy going to PEF with the leadership of Ms. Cynthia Florence she has made getting fit fun. When I began my fitness journey I was on insulin for my diabetes but now I am off all medicine for diabetes and it is maintained thru exercise and diet. I appreciate all the things I have learned and I feel like I have a new family there.

Rhonda N.
​One of my favorite things about PEF is that there are modifications for every class Cynthia Florence teaches. I think people are usually embarrassed to go to a gym when there beginners. When you attend a class at PEF it's ALWAYS a no judgement zone. If you want to get back in shape and have a great time doing it, I recommend trying a class.

Brenda M.
I absolutely LOVE Pure Energy Fitness!! The diligence of Ms. Cynthia Florence and the camaraderie of the members will make your workout fun filled, and energy loaded. From beginners to veterans, there is a level for you. I can not ever remember a time when I was excited!!! to work out, now I attend five days a week, and from my own eyes can actually see results. I am grateful for the encouragement, the challenges, and even the tough moments. PEF is the place to go, not just for a physical change, but a an over all lifestyle change. The energy here is tremendous. Thank you Cynthia Florence and my fitness family at PEF!!

Jenn D.
I have lost 10 lbs. by taking your classes and watching what I eat. The classes are fun; I especially love the Zumba fitness class. Not only am I losing weight; I felt great. I am happy all the time. My daughter loves the Pure Abs class; she wakes up early Saturday mornings just to get to class. She is excited and I am happy that she looks forward to class.

Jackie C.
I had a wedding in 3 months!!! Horray!!! I was recovering from major surgery and had been restricted on my intense workouts for 7 months. Oh no:(( My body did not really look or feel like my own and after always being pretty active and healthy ( a yearly warrior dash competitor), I found myself unable to get into a plank position! Then came Cynthia ( whom my doctor actually trained with previously so she felt comfortable knowing that I would be eased back into a workout routine)! First she tacked my eating. Her knowledge was just what I wanted. For the first time in my life I realized that I wasn't eating enough!!!! We charted my eating and she gave me a real plan, no starvation here!! Eating the right balance of things and even a cheat meal per week:)) Huge mindset shift!!! Then those workouts!!! My doctor was right about not being fooled by her kindness and cute face!! She is a beast of a trainer!!!! A beast I say!!! I was put through it, but gradually and with my overall health and healing as top priorities, I would her sessions worn but feeling accomplished. Sometimes I would dart mean looks, when she wasn't looking, or so I thought, to which she would always say, "You'll thank me later". Boy.... I am Soooooooo thanking her now!! My body has definition it has never had and I honestly can say I look great!! I officially dropped my 5 year membership at another gym 15 minutes closer to my house and has joined her gym 30 minutes away from my home!! I am just restarting my fitness lifestyle!! Next stop, more muscle tone!! Cynthia Florence, my future husband will undoubtedly be grateful to you as well!! You're a bad sista!!!:))

Yelena H.
A few months ago, I was really starting to get depressed about being overweight and I didn’t know what I was going to do about it. The next day, I was driving down the street and I saw a sign that read “Pure Energy Fitness.” I immediately wrote down the name and researched it online. I read all these wonderful reviews and decided to give it a try. I contacted Cynthia and purchased the personal training package. I must say she is a BEAST when it comes to working out!! But that is exactly what I needed. There were days I felt like crying and giving up but Cynthia would not allow me to do so. It has been two months and I have lost 12 pounds!! My clothes fit better, my attitude has changed and I know that with Cynthia’s help and support, I will be able to meet my goals.

Enjoli B.